League Of Legends How Much Does It Cost To Play Really?

Note: This was written back in 2013, so some of this information will be out of date and the numbers have now increased dramatically from below. With the addition of several new champs since writing this.

lolimageMy Experience With League Of Legends

So first off, I want to start by saying this is a great game, several friends and I, are addicted to playing it. Besides the occasional release, of an amazingly game breaking Over Powered champion. It is truly a great game. My theory is, they do that solely to boost sales of the new champion. Because it is never caught before release and always fixed around a month later. Anyways lets get down to the nitty gritty of this game. After purchasing every champion on my main account. I have decided to make an alt account, so me and my friends, can keep our main form of relaxation together.

With making this alt account it came into my head, Just how much does this game cost to play? If your a normal person that doesn’t enjoy playing every character and feel the need to possess them all even on an alt account. Then you can probably get away with 70.00 and just buy 2 champion packs and grab a handful of champions. Bringing your total playable champions to about 50 to start the game. They do unlock rotation free champs every week, so if your not impatient. Then the game is really liveable for about 50.00.

But if your like me. You want to own every champion, on every account you have. So lets just see how much owning everyone costs.

First how much RP do you really get per dollar?

This is according to there store prices. This is only accurate to the numbers you can buy at one session.

$100 = 150 RP Per Dollar
$50 = 144 RP Per Dollar
$35 = 143 RP Per Dollar
$20 = 140 RP Per Dollar
$10 = 138 RP Per Dollar
$5 = 130 RP Per Dollar

There is currently 106 Champs in the game

If you purchase The Champions Bundle for 3410 RP and The Digital Collectors Pack for 3900RP (This package gives an immediate refund of 1380RP so the new total cost of this pack is 2520RP) . That will unlock a total of 40 champions (all the lower cost ones of course). Not bad if your a normal person.

Now there is only 66 Left to get to own them all.

All of the remaining champions total cost of RP is 64,350 (Now if your smart, and normally you will wait for sales every week to grow your champion pool. But hey what fun is that!)

435.00 Will give you 65,000 RP and you can pick up all of the rest of the champs.

So whats the total cost to just out right buy all champions in the game?

70770 RP for a cost of 4x$100RP Purchases = 60k RP (+) 1x$50 RP Purchase = 7.2k RP (+) 1x$35RP Purchase = 5k RP

Total = $485.00 / 72.2k RP

And this doesn’t include any IP/XP Boosts or skins besides what comes with the champions packs.

Have Fun Playing!

If you have never played the game you can do so by clicking here and signing up for free. It is really fun and well worth the F2P features.