Pokemon Go Accounts For Sale On LetGo and Offer Up

This post was made to fill in all the gaps that Let Go and Offer Up don’t allow me to type beacuse of posting size limitations.

Pokemon Go Accounts for sale on let go and offer upThis is a Pokémon Trainer account. Compatible with IOS or Android where you can change the password and the e-mail to whatever you want!


These can be picked up most week days from 2pm-8pm at my apartment complex. 27645 Bishop Park Drive Willoughby Hills, OH 44092. I will meet you in the lobby once you are here and we can exchange the info there in a public place with plenty of security cameras.

I will not deliver, anything, EVER… I am not pizza hut, if you want them, come and get them. If you don’t drive/have a car. Ask someone who cares how you get here. Cause it’s not me, don’t ask.


All accounts are a minimum of lvl 25 with 200k dust. The pictures are from the actual account posted. I have over item cap beacuse I don’t spend any items besides eggs and an occasional incense while lvling these.

You don’t get to pick the game name and I will not even tell you what it is until you show up to buy it and see it for yourself. They are all male characters, with male names +3-4 random numbers. I do this to protect myself from hacking. They are not offensive or goofy, they are randomly generated names. Don’t like it? Don’t buy it.

My accounts for sale are my accounts to sell, meaning. I did not get them by hacking, scamming or stealing them from someone else. They will never been reclaimed because I am not a scammer.

I just made an alt account out of boredom. As my main has pretty much everything in the game.

I am the original account owner.

I have never reclaimed any game accounts I have sold. I normally sell spare accounts for random lunch money and have no interest in swindling someone else out of there account/money.

The account information is blank on my accounts, except for the required information to create the account, user name/password/ bday / email. The first and last name can be added after you purchase the account, which is then unchangeable. Making it impossible for me to reclaim the account.

All of the information I am willing to provide about the account is in the pictures provided. If you need more information about them. Show up with cash and I will happily let you scroll through the account before buying it. I am not interested in wasting my time while you window shop.

Don’t bother haggling, if you want a cheaper account, go buy a cheaper one I have listed or get someone else’s.

NO I DON’T WANT TO TRADE YOU! I don’t care if you have a diamond ring, I don’t want it! Don’t ask.

If you asked a question that is already answered on this post, I will assume you were to busy to read the entire post and answer your own question. So you can assume I will be too busy to respond to it.

Need to ask a question that I didn’t answer already? Go ahead, no problem.

These are my main accounts in the below video. If you want one of these they are starting at 100.00. Don’t bother asking unless your serious.