Smite Cannot Start Hirez Authenticate and Update Service

First off, if you want to skip reading and want to just watch the video. Scroll down to find my youtube video tutorial on how to fix it.

Smite Cannot Start Hirez Authenticate and Update Service

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I ran into an issue just the other day, with trying to start and play smite. The issue that I had was, I could no longer start Hirez Authenticate and Update Service. I was prompted with this error, after launching the game, during the initial smite launcher appearing.

I attempted to run smite diagnostics and was still presented with the same issue of Smite Cannot Start Hirez Authenticate and Update Service. So after browsing around on the internet for awhile trying to figure out why it worked yesterday and wouldn’t today. I thought to myself that I should probably make sure the windows process is actually running.

Todo this:

  • Right click on My Computer a.k.a Computer (Icon on the desktop or windows 7/vista start button then My Computer)
  • Select Manage
  • On the left side panel, located Services and Applications, Select that
  • Then select Services in the main panel
  • Scroll down to find Hi-Rez Studios Authenticate and Update Service, double click it
  • Now on the general tab, look for a drop down called Startup Type, select the drop down and click on automatic with or without delayed start. I use delayed start, so it will start with windows after the first batch of processes loads.
  • Click apply but not OK yet
  • Look right below the start type for Service Status with the Start, Stop, Pause and Resume buttons, Click Start
  • Now click Apply and OK and exit all of this stuff and try the game again.
  • This should fix Smite Cannot Start Hirez Authenticate and Update Service
  • If this doesn’t work, look for other solutions or just simply reinstall the game.

Hopefully these steps have fixed your issues with smite unable to launch and start with the Smite Cannot Start Hirez Authenticate and Update Service. If not feel free to contact hi-rez directly by making a ticket.

1:05 is where the instructions start if you just want to hear that part. If this doesn’t help here is the link to Hi-Rez support directly with additional options.

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