Virus/Malware/Spyware/Adware Removal In 6 Easy Steps

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WARNING!! a lot of these are free programs, so there is several adds on each page. DO NOT CLICK anything besides the correct download of the software! Direct links provided below.

Step 1: First thing you will want to do is download the software necessary for successful removal of these malicious objects. The programs we will be using today are Combofix provided from, Malwarebytes from and AVG Free Edition provided from (download is from Any antivirus scanner will work as well as AVG so if you have Norton, McAffe, Kapersky or any other name brand anti-virus scanners you do not need to download AVG, Just use the product you all ready have in place. Free Download Links to these programs are provided above.

Step 2: After Downloading these programs to your desktop, Move them to a flashdrive or CD-Rom If possible.

Step 3: The best way to run these programs and ensure removal of most viruses is to run them in windows safe mode. You can do this by restarting your computer and pushing F8 as fast and as many times as you can before the windows screen starts to load. Some computers use F8 in bios to boot to CD or launch bios, if that happens just exit that process and start pushing F8 the second you get out of that screen. You will then see a black screen with white lettings and select to boot into safe mode by using your arrow keys and the enter key to select your option. It may take a minute or two to boot into safe mode so be paient once you have selected the correct option. If windows booted normally, hold down your power button until the computer turns off, then try again.

Step 4: Now once your computer is running in safe mode the first program you will want to install is ComboFix.

Let this program run completely before moving onto any of the other steps. During setup of this program it will ask you for permission to continue with its steps. The simplest way to explain these is to push yes to everything. Most of the time this program is powerful enough to remove most problems you are having, but the next two steps are to make sure nothing has been missed by combo fix. ComboFix may want to restart your computer to complete the removal process. Let ComboFix restart your computer then once it is restarted. If your computer is stable enough to run in normal windows mode then continue to step 5, If it is not stable or just still extremely slow them restart your computer into safe mode as before and continue with step 5.

Step 5: Install MalwareBytes, This is a fairly straight forward step. If you have installed any software before this is more of the same. Simply install the program. When the installation is finished it will ask you if you would like to update and open MalwareBytes, Leave both boxes checked and continue. Once the program is done updating itself and opens simply select Perform Full Scan and hit Continue. It will ask you to select your hard drives for the scans to be performed on. Most people have 1 Hard Drive with a recovery partition. So you would select C and D. If you only have 1 hard drive with no recovery partition on the drive don’t worry just select C and continue.

Once the scan is complete it will inform you if there are any threats found if there is, Simply Click on the tab titled Quarantine select all malicious items found and then click on Delete All. Restart your computer and let it boot into normal windows. By this point all performance affecting programs should be successfully removed. If your computer is still very sluggish, Restart your computer again and boot into safe mode for step 6.

Step 6: Once windows has successfully restarted install AVG Free Edition and run a Anti-Virus/Anti-Spyware Scan. Or just run a scan with your current Anti-Virus software. Once the scan is done in AVG if any unwanted infections are found simply select the check box “Remove Threat As Power User” and select remove all.

Keep in mind that it is best to remove your anti-virus and reinstall it, if it is having issues or errors popping up. That is a sign that the virus has disabled or altered your antivirus application and needs to be reinstalled to work correctly again. Also always try to keep your computer protected at all times. Once you have removed your old antivirus, immediately reinstall it or another antivirus immediately following a computer restart.

Step 7: Move over to the windows optimization tutorial page to help restore your computer to complete normal working order.

If your computer is still running slow and sluggish or you are still seeing signs of unwanted applications running. You may need to contact a professional. To back-up your data and reinstall your current operating system. There may also be other problems that are hardware related issues such as a failing hard drive. I can easily resolve any computer problems you may be having. Just call me anytime and set a appointment, For Pick-Up or Drop-Off Service. I also offer Remote Diagnostics and Virus Removal.

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