Windows Optimization Tutorial


5 Windows Optimization Tutorial consists of cleaning your old and unused program registry keys and disabling windows start up programs. The benefits to this will be faster windows start up times and a easier workload on your hard drive while windows is starting and loading.

Step 1: Download CCleaner from here and install the program. After installation double click CCleaner from your start menu or the icon on your desktop.

Step 2: Click on the registry icon on the left side of the program. Make sure all the boxes are checked on the left side of the window. Then click on “Scan for Issues”, This may take a little while. Once the bar at the top has reached 100% Click on the box at the bottom “Fix Selected Issues”.

Step 3: A new menu will pop up that asks to save the registry back up, There is no need to do this. Simply click “No” and “Fix All”.

Step 4: Optimizing your start up programs. While in CCleaner click on the “Tools” Icon. The first window tab selected is “Uninstall” I highly recommend removing any unused or unwanted programs carefully. Once a program is removed there is no way to undo this without reinstalling the program again. Which normally needs the original CD/DVD, Downloaded .EXE and or a Program Key.

Step 5: Now click on “Start up” tab, this will list all of your current start up programs. Everything in the list starts with your computer on its own and takes away from your system Ram drastically. The most important part of this to look at, is under the “Program” column, This will usually list what program the start up task is attached to, DO NOT Disable anything you that you don’t know what it is, As this is a risky move and can cause system instability.  If you are not sure what a program is, you can normally figure it out with a quick google search of the program name or the exe name at the end of the command string, under the file column.

Step 6: Select a program you want to disable, when the line with the program name your trying to disable is highlighted move your mouse to the “Disable” button and select it. Once you do this the program will not start with the computer anymore. Do not delete any start up entries unless you are 100% sure you do not want it to start with the computer ever again.

Once you have disabled all of the startup programs, make sure to restart your computer for the changes to take effect.

Tip: After removing start up programs or uninstalling programs, clean the registry keys again. Also CCleaner for the most part does not report start up programs that can harm the system from disabling them. It is always better to be safe then sorry though.


Hard Drive Cleaning / De-fragmentation Tutorial

SeagateHard Drive Cleaning / De-fragmentation Tutorial consists of removing any windows/internet temp files, freeing hard drive space and De fraging to optimize your hard drives read and write times.

Step 1: Download Defraggler here

Step 2: First open CCleaner and select the “Cleaner” icon. Now you will see several check boxes. I recommend selecting all boxes with the exception of a select few. “Auto complete Form History” under the Internet Explorer list, “Start Menu Shortcuts” and “Desktop Shortcuts” under the system list and “Wipe Free Space” Under the Advanced list. Then Select the “Applications” Tab at the top of the list and un-select “Saved Form Information” If you use Firefox instead of internet explorer or both of them. If you choose to leave these checked you will have to re-enter all of your user names and passwords on web sites that save them. i.e. Banking, Facebook and so on. Wipe Free space takes a very long time to complete and I would not select it unless you are worried about “Secure File Deletion”

Step 3: Once you have the settings you like. Select the “Run Cleaner” button at the bottom of the program and let program run until it completes to 100%, I recommend running this at least twice.

Step 4: Download and install Defraggler, if you have not already. Open the program from your start menu or the desktop icon.

Step 5: At the top of the screen highlight the Hard Drive you would like to De-fragment, Select the little arrow pointed downwards next to “Defrag” and select “Full Defrag”. If you have more then one hard drive this step needs to be repeated on every hard drive you have. This program can only De-fragment one hard drive at a time. Once your done De-fragmenting your hard drive and you have followed all the steps above, your system has now been optimized.

Tip: De fragmentation normally takes several hours if it has not been done recently, the more often you perform this. The less time it will take. I recommend performing this before going to sleep. Start the program leave your computer on and plugged in if it is a laptop and let it run over night.

Also if your think your hard drive may be going bad or just wonder how they work or why they fail so often, check out this tutorial on hard drives I have made.

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